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Legal employers spend significant time and resources to attract and motivate exceptionally talented attorneys. They and the individual attorneys are under increasing pressure to deliver.   Efforts that make those attorneys stronger contributors faster are essential to the organization’s competitive position.

Tricia Hennessy brings all of her education, experience and abilities to bear to achieve the organization’s goals.

  • Client-Specific Workshops. HCG hears and analyzes the client’s concerns or goals and then designs and presents individualized programs that will work for that organization given its culture and the particular audience.
  • Evaluation System Support. HCG understands the practice of law and the language of lawyers and law firms and, therefore, can provide support to improve attorney evaluation systems, including preparing draft evaluation summaries.
  • Expert Counseling. HCG puts education, experience and skills to work for the client organization and advises on issues of attorney career management and professional development.
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