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Effectively managing one’s legal career can be greatly enhanced with good direction from knowledgeable resources. HCG coaches the individual on skills and strategies necessary to support his or her career and, to the extent contemplated in the engagement, works with co-workers to support and reinforce the coaching work.

With clients, HCG uses a proven, structured process of:

  • Self Assessment. We employ various tools, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, to assist the individual in identifying his or her professional skills, strengths, aptitudes and interests.
  • Colleague Input. We gather, analyze and share information and feedback, as appropriate, from colleagues and supervisors on issues related to the individual’s work behaviors.
  • Goal Setting. We discuss and collaborate on the goals of the coaching engagement and the steps of a plan that will support our achieving and maintaining those goals.
  • Ongoing Coaching. During in-person meetings, and follow-up by phone and e-mail as necessary, we discuss and anticipate situations and devise strategies to handle them effectively and we strategize on accomplishing goals. We leave each meeting with an action plan. We start each meeting with an accounting of progress against plan.
  • Preparation of Key Materials. We help to design and develop any materials necessary to support the individual’s plan of action. These materials may include a business or career management plan.
  • Networking. We often focus extensively on identifying and building one’s professional network and building the skills necessary to access information, support and opportunities through that network.
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