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Making a career change is challenging no matter what the circumstances. HCG works with clients to make that transition as constructive and productive as possible for all involved. In some instances, the individual attorney engages us. In other instances, we work with law firms and corporate legal departments interested in successfully facilitating an attorney’s transition in order to recognize the professional’s contribution and maintain a productive professional relationship and potential source of business.

With clients, HCG uses a proven, structured process of:

  • Self-Assessment. We employ various tools, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, to assist the individual in identifying his or her professional skills, strengths, aptitudes and interests.
  • Preparation of Key Materials. We help to design and develop the package of materials necessary to support the transition. These materials may include resumes customized for particular markets; business plans; and, accompanying correspondence.
  • Market Analysis. We identify resources specific to the individual’s course of action and strategize on accessing opportunities through professional recruiters, print and internet job postings and targeted networking.
  • Goal Setting. We leave each meeting with an action plan. We start each meeting with an accounting of progress against plan.
  • Networking. We focus extensively on identifying one’s professional network and building the skills necessary to access information and opportunities through that network.
  • Interviewing. We practice general interviewing skills and hold focused preparation sessions for specific opportunities.
  • Evaluation and Negotiation of Offers. We help evaluate pending offers against market and against the individual’s own goals and provide counsel on negotiating terms.
  • Preparation for Entry and Ongoing Career Management. We coach the individual in ways to maximize his or her entry into the new organization and manage his or her career going forward.


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